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The Wishing Well is a place where you can make private wishes and hold them close to your heart, or public wishes to bless and release to the world for all to share.

In Word Magic, click on the colored balls to find your word of the day, or when seeking guidance for a particular situation or person in your life.

Sound and the Power of Words delves into the importance of what we say and how we respond to what we hear.

Click on the MICHELE LINK located on the lower right hand side of the page for a video and more information about these activities.

In a Guided Journey the Wishes activity may grant you a Coin or Water Flask token.

Make a wish today at My Inner World's online wishing well. Think about what would make you happy right now. Then use our interactive online wishing well to put that energy towards your wish. As you save your wish, you'll release it to the Universe. Trust that the Universe will then bring your wish to pass.

The "wish cloud," part of the online wishing well will help you to think of things, not only to wish for but also to be thankful for. Make your wish today at the online wishing well on My Inner World and expect great things to happen in your life!

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